Todoist launches a great tool to import your tasks from Wunderlist

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Mauricio Martinez

Todoist launches a great tool to import your tasks from Wunderlist
Todoist launches a great tool to import your tasks from Wunderlist

Posted on February 24th, 2017 – 06:26

Todoist, the application par excellence for task management has created a great tool for all users who do not yet know their environment. If you are using Wunderlist and you are no longer comfortable with the application , today we inform you about a new tool that will help you move to Todoist in a few clicks.

Import your tasks from Wunderlist to Todoist

Wunderlist is an application that meets some standards in terms of task management, although it is true, was acquired by Microsoft a couple of years ago and that’s why the updates have only focused on few improvements to performance, personally I do not think that is the case because on some occasions I have found it difficult to carry out some tasks due to some fault within their notes.

What Todoist wants is to try to offer a different and very professional alternative , since the reason for its existence is to have the independence to be able to include the best functions to carry out the management of the daily tasks. That’s why they have created an important import tool-method, in which you will be able to migrate from Wunderlist to Todoist without complications. It comes in handy if you haven’t tried the application and want to experience something different.

How does the task importing tool work?

It’s very simple, all you have to do is access the Wunderlist importer to Todoist. You must authorize access to your Wunderlist account so that the tool can do the migration management. Start the migration by clicking on the “Start import” button. Log in to your Todoist account, or if you have not created one you will have to do so. Once, Wunderlist (you will have to login in that account too) will ask you for the authorization so Todoist can do the job. In minutes depending on the amount of tasks you have in your Wunderlist account you will have everything in Todoist, that easy.

Todoist moving forward by leaps and bounds

Besides showing us this new tool, Todoist has added a new function that will bring a lot of proactivity to our list of tasks. “Program Intelligently”, this function will help you based on a feature of Artificial Intelligence so that you never have expired tasks again.

We’re talking about the app learning about you, your habits and also taking into account previous experience with other users. Urgency, working days with rest days, goals and upcoming tasks are factors that are taken into account when choosing the perfect day to perform the tasks of the week or the month. If you don’t like the time Todoist has chosen to do the task, you can change it to your preference and with this, the app will learn over time and will be able to choose the best dates without you having to . Is Apoco not very professional?

For more information about this last feature, we leave you this link to the Todoist blog where it is told in more detail.

Will you dare to try out these new tools? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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