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Todogadget, the perfect app for buying and selling for iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for an item to buy second-hand or do you want to get rid of all those things you no longer use and are taking up space at home? If so, you can’t miss Todogadget, an amazing free online shopping application .

Yeah, like you read it! Todogadget is a buy-sell app that has no ad limit and also doesn’t charge any commission for publishing them . The Todogadget app is very easy to use, so if you are thinking of buying or selling something over the internet we invite you to read on, as this option can be adjusted to your needs.

Sell your items and buy others you need with Todogadget!

Todogadget, the perfect app for buying and selling for iPhone and iPad
Todogadget, the perfect app for buying and selling for iPhone and iPad

Todogadget has a peculiarity, and that is that it is a service of buying and selling between individuals and companies, which as we said before is totally free. And it doesn’t stop there, since the application allows you to upload videos from your device or from YouTube, it is also possible to publish highlighted ads , that is, those that appear in the home menu and in the first positions of the category to which it belongs, for which you will have to be registered.

On the other hand, in Todogadget the ads are geolocated , a feature that is very useful to find products that are for sale near your location. In addition, this can make it easier for you to sell your items to other people living in the same city and close the deal by hand.

Another thing you can do with the Todogadget application is chat with other users of the platform, as well as add ads that have interested you to favorites to then find them more easily or see the latest ones that have been posted.

In Todogadget you can find all kinds of things, from clothes and accessories, technological devices, sports accessories, mobiles, furniture, games, machinery and many other things. The search option has numerous filters in order to make it easier for you to find the object you are looking for , as well as being able to choose whether you want to search among private sellers or companies.

Different plans available at Todogadget

If you want to publish your own ads you should know that Todogadget has several different subscription plans so you can choose the one that best suits your needs . The subscription plans are as follows:

  • Free Plan. As the name suggests, it is free and allows you to publish standard ads with a total of 4 photos of 10 MB maximum.
  • Plan Highlights. With a price of 1 euro and a duration of 60 days, it allows you to publish unlimited standard ads and 10 featured ads, which will appear on the main menu and at the top of their category. Once the subscription period has passed, the featured ads become standard.
  • Multimedia Plan. This subscription costs 2 euros and is perfect for all those who want to promote their products through video and photos. It includes unlimited standard ads and the possibility to upload 4 photos and a video in each ad.
  • Premium plan. With this 3 Euro subscription you will have 25 featured ads, you can upload 8 images and 2 videos in each and they will be active for 90 days. Without a doubt, one of the most complete options at a really affordable price.

On the other hand, Todogadget offers several subscriptions to convert standard ads into highlights . The price will vary depending on the plan chosen and can be 1 (basic), 2 (advanced), 3 (expert) and 4 (premium).

Download the Todogadget app to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

The Todogadget application is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is completely free to download and requires iOS 7.1 or a later version of the system.

What did you think of Todogadget? We are already users of this platform because we loved it!

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