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To The Castle, play and travel to the retro world from your iPhone: App of the Week

As the week begins, Apple introduces a new app to help you get the most out of your iOS devices. With the rise of titles such as ‘Pokémon Go’ most mobile games have been put on the back burner and even forgotten for a while, even, for nobody it’s a secret that Nintendo’s bet is completely attractive and brings a different proposal in terms of gameplay .

However, if you are one of those who want to forget about the ‘Pokémon Go’ fever, we invite you to travel to the past and play a retro game with ‘To The Castle’ , our App of the Week.

To The Castle, play and travel to the retro world from your iPhone: App of the Week
To The Castle, play and travel to the retro world from your iPhone: App of the Week

To remember is to live, and one of the themes we miss most from other times is video games. Arcade titles always transport us to the trunk of memories, when any novelty, no matter how small, would surprise us and make us play for hours. To The Castle’ is a platform game that transports us to the retro world, not only because of its graphics or its controls (there are no buttons at all) but also because of its player-player interaction .

A journey through the scenarios of the Middle Ages

To The Castle’ is a mobile game that is inspired by all those classic arcades from the 8- and 16-bit era. Designed by one of the main members of the team that created the game ‘Despicable me: Minion rush’, the title takes us back to the Middle Ages in the shoes of a little knight called ‘Sir Petronius’, who has to get to the door of the castle not before catching a golden key to open it.

This mobile game is clearly inspired by all those classic arcades from the 8-bit and 16-bit era. “From the beginning, our idea was to be able to transform and adapt the spirit of those games to the new portable platforms -mobiles and tablets-, where the absence of “physical” buttons changes things quite a lot , said Dodozengames, the game’s developer, in an interview for Apple.

Like most titles in its category, To The Castle’s difficulty level increases as you move from level to level and understand the gameplay. Of course, you will collect some coins to buy upgrades for your character .

Also, as an additional factor, the developer includes a space for people to create levels to challenge their friends with. According to the company, more than 500 levels were created in just 3 days during the soft-launch .

The creators: an interview with the developers of ‘To The Castle’

When we tried ‘To The Castle’ we wanted to contact the brain behind this idea to find out about its beginnings and some interesting details about the game. So, we contacted Dodozen , a small indie development studio that recently launched this mobile game in app stores.

To The Castle

The design of all the puzzles and levels and the creation of the editor (so that users could create new levels), were the most time consuming topics, but also the most exciting for the developers. As important differences compared to other games in this category Dodozen indicates that there are its controls, in which the semi-automatic movement of ‘Sir Petronius’ and the total absence of “simulated” buttons give a totally different way of playing .

On the other hand, the developers indicate that another difference that sets ‘To The Castle’ apart from the competition is the presence of the level editor and the social part of the game. “At this point, players can design and share their dungeons and challenge other players. Not too many smartphone or tablet games have these kinds of features” .

Dodozen told us that one of the themes that they liked the most when creating ‘To The Castle’ is the to be able to check the acceptance that the game has had among the people . The level editor theme has been very well received, as people have created hundreds of dungeons, sending support messages by e-mail, Twitter or Facebook to the company.

What will happen to the future of video games?

With the rise of games such as ‘Pokémon Go’, Dodozen told us that the future of video games will pass through Augmented Reality (as in the case of Pokémon Go) and Virtual Reality, as both media are becoming increasingly strong and offer a new and unexplored market for developers.

“For an independent developer (such as Dodozen), without a large monetary backing or an astronomical marketing budget, the market for mobile apps is becoming increasingly difficult, however, the RA and VR may offer a good opportunity , concluded the company.


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