to patent and make the Apple Park ring iconic

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to patent and make the Apple Park ring iconic
to patent and make the Apple Park ring iconic


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Temas de interés That’s why even symbols are important . Symbols such as the circle, which represents perfection throughout history, which represents the Apple Park.

As indicated by Patently Apple, the company is looking for a way to patent this circle to use it for its own benefit. That is, the circle as a geometric figure cannot be patented as such, but the circle representing the Apple Park can be. A combination of several circles of different diameters next to the Apple and the word Park.

This is how the patent application that Apple has submitted describes it:

In addition to this, Apple describes different uses of the logo: products of marchandaising , shops, fairs and events, shows , education services, clothing, software, restaurants, hardware… That is, anything related or that can be related to the Apple Park. Although surely where we see it more is in the Apple Park Visitor’s Center. In fact, Apple already sells products exclusive to this center with the Apple Park logo.

Apple already sells some products with the Apple Park icon.

Apple’s effort has been great with this Apple Park, possibly its biggest project in its history . Inside the Apple Park looks amazing as we have seen in pictures of employees. Although, these same employees sometimes bump into the glass panels, an aspect in which Apple has perhaps not paid as much attention as in the care of the accessibility of the Apple Park Visitor’s Center for example.

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