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Tired of Pokémon Go? Other similar augmented reality games

¿Harto de Pokémon Go para iOS? Cómo borrar tu cuenta para siempre

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Tired of Pokémon Go? Other similar augmented reality games
Tired of Pokémon Go? Other similar augmented reality games


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Not everything in this life was going to be Pokémon Go, and is that despite the success of Nintendo with its first game for smartphones, there are more games on the App Store with a similar style to Pokémon , either by the use of a similar game mode, or by the use of augmented reality.

With more than 200 million dollars raised in its first month, the Nintendo game is showing the first symptoms of oblivion . Many users have either achieved all the pokémons, or have become frustrated along the way, or are fed up with watching their battery die after several hours of play.

Pokémon Go style games on the App Store

  • Ingress: The game developed by Google a few years ago puts us in a kind of virtual battlefield thanks to augmented reality. With the GPS and with the data offered by the maps we will go conquering one to one the different portals that exist. We can be on the side of the resistance or on the side of the Enlightened, but the side you choose at the beginning will mark your way of playing.
  • Zombies, Run!: In this case it’s not only a game as such, but also an application for sports. Zombies, Run! puts us in a virtual world where we have to run away from the zombies in the city. Through small missions and fulfilling objectives we will be exercising in an entertaining way.

Other augmented reality games on the App Store

  • ARSoccer: ARSoccer is an App Store classic. Thanks to the game’s camera we can focus our feet and a small soccer ball will appear next to it. The lens? Make touches with the ball without stopping and the more the better. It is a very simple game, but not for that reason it is not very entertaining.

Simple games that combine reality with virtual world thanks to augmented reality

  • ARDefender 2: ARDefender 2 is the typical game of defending the tower in which we will have to print first a paper base so that the game recognizes it as a tower. On it will appear thanks to the augmented reality a tower and around it hundreds of enemies who will want to destroy it.
  • ARBasketball: Similar to ARSoccer, with ARBasketball we must shoot the basketball into the basket but using augmented reality to combine play with reality. In short, another simple game with which to pass the time out of the day.

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