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Tips for using Photoshop .PSD files in Final Cut Pro X


With the new feature each of these layers appear as if they were one clip by grouping all the layers into one clip.

Tips for using Photoshop .PSD files in Final Cut Pro X
Tips for using Photoshop .PSD files in Final Cut Pro X

Well, Apple has made available a good practice guide for creating and working with such PSD files . The first tip is to create a file with RGB color in 8-bit mode. The size should be the same as our project. For example, if you edit in 1080p, the file should have dimensions of 1920×1080 pixels.

After creating a document with the dimensions of our project and 8-bit color RBG mode we have to take into account other aspects to avoid problems when we are going to edit our material. Despite the compatibility of mixing modes (add, subtract, multiply,…) that Final Cut Pro X has, there is no equivalent for all Photoshop options, therefore it is advisable to only use the mixing modes that do have compatibility.

On the other hand, the layers that we activate or deactivate in Photoshop can then be made visible or not from Final Cut Pro X by pressing the V key. Another interesting fact is the ability to accept the color profile we embed in Photoshop.

There are a few more facts we need to know in order to work efficiently with Photoshop PSD files in Final Cut Pro X that we will be able to consult on Apple’s website. We will see what new or improved features the next update brings. A better control of the masks would not be bad.

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