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Tips for Optimizing iPad or iPhone Storage

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If you’ve ever found yourself without space on your iPad or iPhone, you’ve probably tried to delete things like crazy . Applications you don’t use, videos you’ve already seen, music that’s gone out of style, …

Tips for Optimizing iPad or iPhone Storage
Tips for Optimizing iPad or iPhone Storage

However, it seems that with the launch of the new iPad the applications and multimedia content are taking up more and more space , so it’s worth following some simple tips to avoid running out of space on your tablet.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Have only the photos you see or want to show to others most often. It’s tempting to have dozens of albums with your adventure photos, but it’s better to save them on your PC and synchronize them when necessary. The same goes for videos.
  • The new iCloud streaming photo service will also fill our film with photos we have taken with our iPhone, without us noticing. Each photo takes up several megabytes, so multiply that and you’ll see that you can free up quite a bit of space here.
  • The Apple tablet is not a device specially designed for listening to music. This is where the lighter devices such as the iPhone 4S or iPod Touch come in. If we leave our music player library empty, we can save several hundred megabytes of valuable space. In addition, we can always use streaming music services such as Spotify or Goear.
  • Games are some of the most space consuming applications, especially if they bring high-resolution textures, spoken dialogues and many minutes of video. Normally, when you delete them, the games are saved, so you can always retake an adventure that you have half way through by simply reinstalling it.
  • Use cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Sugarsync. This way you only have local copies of the files you need to work. When you’re done with them, you upload them to your cloud space and free up the megabytes it used to hold.
  • By keeping your device optimized and with plenty of free space, you’ll notice a higher performance with the most demanding applications. Plus, you won’t hesitate to install something new, because there won’t be a space problem. You can still perfectly enjoy an iPad with the smallest capacity, 16GB, if you’re careful about taking up unnecessary space unintentionally.

Are you having space issues in iOS? Would you like to have bought a larger capacity iPad or iPhone? Tell us about it.

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