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Tip of the week: Configuration and searches

Week after week we are publishing some news or tricks unknown to most of us. Today we’re going to talk about the configuration of the preferences panel and the filtering in Spotlight, a more than interesting tool when you start using it constantly.

As every week, we’re back to tell you some tricks from the Mac world, and this time we’re going to present some hidden utilities in the Mac OS X operating system . We have already told you some tricks about Lion in Applesupportphonenumber in several articles. Today we add one more to the list.

Tip of the week: Configuration and searches
Tip of the week: Configuration and searches

First of all, let’s talk about the preferences panel, from which we can manage practically all our computer: the keyboard shortcuts, the language, the screen resolution or the network we connect to, etc; but this panel by itself is at the same time an inconvenience. Everyone has access to these same controls . What would happen if our work computer was also used by our small child? I recommend protecting these accesses and the best way is to hide them.

If we access the System Preferences panel and click on the display tab in the top menu we will be able to customize our panel and thus hide the conflicting icons . To undo the changes we can go back to the customize option at any time and re-enable the accesses that are necessary.

Another trick is the possibility to filter the results in the Spotlight according to the type of document . For example if we are looking for a PDF and don’t really know its name, we can filter the results so that only the PDFs are displayed. This is very easy to use when performing a search. In Spotlight we introduce the word “kind” as a first term followed by a colon and the form of the document to be searched, that is to say “kind:pdf”, so it will display all the PDFs indexed by Spotlight . If we want to filter the search further, we can enter any word below.

That’s what we’ll leave you with this week. We encourage you from Applesupportphonenumber to write to us with the different tricks that you know and want to share with us.

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