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Tip: Customizing our Launchpad

This week we’re going to talk about the Launchpad, surely you’ll have the Lauchpad loaded with icons in a messy way or else you’ve probably spent your precious time on it. We propose you to wipe the slate clean, clean the Launchpad and tidy it up quickly.

Today we are all familiar with the occasional iOS device and consequently know how quick and easy it is to manage your applications. Since the appearance of the new Mac OS X Lion, we have had a very similar application manager on our desktop computers, called Launchpad.

Tip: Customizing our Launchpad
Tip: Customizing our Launchpad

As you all know, every time an application is installed on the computer the corresponding icon appears automatically in the Launchpad allowing us to run our applications quickly and efficiently, but I think I’m not wrong when I say that your Launchpad doesn’t have the icons you find most useful.

With this little trick today we’re going to solve the problem. Well, just like in iOS, if we click and hold on one of the Launchpad icons we can move it or even delete it, but this can be a cumbersome task if we have thousands of applications. So we propose to clean up and customize the Launchpad from scratch , leaving only the applications that are really useful to us.

First, we must access our Terminal and execute the following code . Don’t worry, this won’t remove the applications from our computer, it will only delete the record that refers to them within our Launchpad.

sqlite3 ~LibraryApplication SupportDock*.db “DELETE from apps; DELETE from groups WHERE title<>”; DELETE from items WHERE rowid>2;” && killall Dock

Once this is done, we’ll have a completely empty Launchpad. From here we can select the applications that we use the most and generate our own custom Launchpad. We’ll just drag the applications we want into the icon located in the Dock .

What do you think about this last trick? I have already customized my Launchpad. What are you waiting for?

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