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Tiny Wings for Apple TV, analysis of the best game of 2011 now in your living room

Before the endless runners became popular . Long before Flappy Bird’s difficulty infected the devices of tens of thousands of people. A small app landed on our iOS devices. The fun came in the form of Tiny Wings, a simple game in which we flew a little bird across the screen.

Last week, I saw on Twitter that its developer had not abandoned it. It promised a big update imminent. One that would take thousands of users back in time, to repeat the feats they had performed years ago. The update came on December 1st and since then, I’ve been playing every day. This is the review of Tiny Wings for Apple TV, the app that won the Apple award for best iPhone game in 2011.

From the iPhone to the living room

Tiny Wings for Apple TV, analysis of the best game of 2011 now in your living room
Tiny Wings for Apple TV, analysis of the best game of 2011 now in your living room

While other bird games were transformed into multi-million dollar franchises, Tiny Wings snuck onto the iPhone almost unintentionally . Andreas Illiger, who was responsible for its entire development, created a unique game with an incredible aesthetic.

Tiny Wings is back for the big door: adaptation to the diagonals of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well as version for Apple TV

Tiny Wings put a simple proposal on the table that remained unchanged over time. No extra features, complex scores or endless characters and spin-offs. From time to time, Illiger added new islands and levels. And that was all we needed.

After a break of more than two years and without adaptation to the diagonals introduced by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it was finally updated. On the 1st, Tiny Wings started to get along with the new iPhone, plus the bonus of new levels and islands. However, he had something else under his arm: a specific app for the Apple TV .

This is not a universal app but we will have to buy it again to play in the living room. The 2.99 euros it costs is well worth it .

Tiny Wings for Apple TV – Tour Mode

Playing Tiny Wings on Apple TV is great. The aesthetics, the care and the music engage us to create a unique experience. We’ll control our bird using the Siri Remote or the iPhone app itself if we have one .

All adventures start the same way: our little bird is sleeping in its nest and wakes up when the sun rises. As soon as he does, he will start flying over the hills of his undulating world. To gain speed, we will press the button on the controller or the iPhone screen that will make our character fold his wings. The mechanism consists of matching the folding of the wings at the moment we are falling and we are going to descend one of the multiple hills. When we resume the flight, we must release the button to take advantage of the momentum gained.

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Más información But if when we fall we don’t descend gently down the slope and take off again without tripping, we will lose that flight mode. On the way we will be able to pick up yellow “suns” that will give us more points and other blue ones that will propel us strongly. Each set of hills is organized by islands that have to be overcome to fly to the next one.

In excursion mode, the goal is to get as far as possible. We will have to fight against time so that the night does not reach us and forces us to sleep until the next day. The truth is that keeping ahead of such a ruthless enemy is a lot of fun .

Flying School and Hill Party

The second game mode is the so-called Flying School. In it, we will compete with three other little birds to get our food from the “mommy bird” beak. If the first ones arrive, we will take the biggest fish . The operation is identical to the excursion mode, with the addition that we have the pressure of other quite skilful birds.

Three frogs will be in charge of giving the exit to each island, where we will have to avoid lakes that will delay us if we fall into them. If we complete enough islands, we’ll move on to the next archipelago. Tiny Wings for Apple TV has an exclusive multiplayer mode , similar to the iPad version. With the same Apple TV controller, two players can control two different birds on the same island on two separate screens.

You control one with the trackpad of the Siri Remote and the other with the Play Pause button. Get ready for endless blasts with your friends and family. Whatever you do, never land on the opposite side or the top of the hill . If you do, your opponents will overtake you without mercy.

Tiny Wings looks easy enough, but underneath that neat look is an iOS jewel that’s hard to beat. Great moments of fun are guaranteed . And if you like the game, you can download wallpapers and the soundtrack from the author’s website.

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