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Tiny Trees, an otherworldly adventure for boy scouts: App of the Week

For those of us who grew at almost the same rate as technology did every day , it has not been difficult to understand the world today. We have fallen off our bikes , got muddy and laughed in the schoolyard just like any other child who didn’t grow up among Amstrads , Spectrums and other adorable things. We loved toys and books, but we were always interested in what the screens at the time were trying to tell us, and not exactly the TV screens.

Those of us who still love technology today always have the same questions. When is it time to give my child the tablet? Is it bad for his education that technology enters his life at this age? How should he do it? In my case, I can’t deny that I’ve always had an easy answer: children should share and understand the world around them, and technology is as important a part of that as any other. That’s why I love Tiny Cosmonauts’ educational project and I think its first application, Tiny Trees , is a fantastic app to enjoy with the little ones.

Tiny Trees, an otherworldly adventure for boy scouts: App of the Week
Tiny Trees, an otherworldly adventure for boy scouts: App of the Week

The new technologies are also part of life today, and to isolate it from children would be to remove them from a reality that they must know how to handle.

Dácil Martín , education psychologist and one of the members of the Tiny Cosmonauts team, has a fantastic entry in the project’s blog talking about the introduction of technology at early ages. “It depends on the amount of time they spend at the TV, the computer, the tablet or the mobile phone. This time should never replace real life time, children should not stop climbing and getting their hands dirty, talking to others, singing, dancing. But it is clear that new technologies are also part of life today and, in my opinion, isolating them from them would be to remove them from a reality that they must know how to handle […]” With Tiny Trees, we will begin an adventure with the child that we can enjoy together.

Tiny Trees, a world to discover freely to discover at your own pace

When we look for a children’s application , we want it to be complete: it should entertain them, educate them, be beautiful, and allow them to awaken the desire to achieve personal goals , not necessarily prizes ), which in the end are the moments we all remember best. In the case of Tiny Trees, we also have a team of professionals who belong to different fields : psychology, animation, programming and education whose first project has been successful.

The adventure that we will enjoy in Tiny Trees will be shared with a girl named Nora and her father Cosmo , in the crucial mission of making a plant grow until it becomes a strong and leafy tree called Alegría. To do this, the child can interact freely with the characters and other elements that appear on the screen , and only by combining and making them all work together ( child and characters ) will they be able to make the seed grow.

The application captivates the child with beautiful images, sounds and music, along with a story designed to be shared

Tiny Trees ( 2,99€, App Store )

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The application achieves the immediate attraction of the child thanks to some really beautiful images , with soft and fun colours, full of special effects and sounds, songs and music that accompany the outcome of the story and the interaction through it in an imaginative and fun way that encourages the desire to go further. There are no prizes or rewards here, as Dácil herself says ” We have accustomed the youngest members of the household to seeking rewards or avoiding punishment in an educational environment in which competitiveness plays a major role. In this game the reward is none other than seeing another living being grow up, thus taking the little one away from competitiveness and external reward. The achievement is nothing more than a personal goal, helping, in this way, their self-esteem and independence.

The application is based on the Montessori method, based on enhancing the natural learning capacity of children , allowing them to be free to explore, play, move and socialize at their own pace. Tiny Trees encourages this with open spaces and without a linear achievement to advance, where the child can try and experiment in order to achieve that personal experience thanks to all this, which improves even when several children share the game.

“Patience, calmly “, is the message they want to convey through the application, “In the world of the little ones, learning takes time. That is why in this game the rhythm has been adapted to them. We mistakenly believe that children should be over-stimulated with noisy and fast images, but nothing is further from what they need. Calm to assimilate learning is basic. So at Tiny Trees they must wait for the plant to present its needs and grow at its own pace. Meanwhile, they can interact with the rest of the characters freely. A calm that is perfect for the children’s brain rhythm.”

A fun and educational adventure to enjoy on the iPad

Tiny Trees is one of those games that catch you by the details and the love with which they are created: from the first moment, everything is thought but manage to captivate, and that is something that is perceived and that the little ones perceive. The development of the application is also first-rate, with a separate area for parents where it is explained how to enjoy the game, and lots of interaction of all kinds to enjoy just starting out.

The development of the game goes on in a fun way, and we will be able to listen to a glass moon singing in the heat of a bonfire, compose a song playing shooting stars, move objects, solve mini puzzles or simply listen to music, among many other things that we will discover with surprise together with the little ones.

App of the Week : Tiny Trees is a fantastic educational application turned into a story of discovery and interaction for children, which will amaze and delight young and old alike.


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