“Time Machine for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion”, an iBook for those who want to know it in depth

Time Machine para OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion ( 1,99€, iBookstore )

When Time Machine made its appearance with Leopard, I found it one of the most interesting features of the new operating system. A backup system must be powerful, that’s always the case, but also non-intrusive . That is, that the user can count on it when he really needs it, and in that case, that he has a wide range of options at his disposal. This was achieved with Time Machine , which we’ve all used before. But for those who want to go further, there is this new iBook “Time Machine for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion”.

“Time Machine for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion”, an iBook for those who want to know it in depth
“Time Machine for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion”, an iBook for those who want to know it in depth

The book is structured in nine chapters , and covers from the most basic start with the program, such as the first look at the application, the requirements, its components, appropriate hardware and configuration… to the processes of deleting backups, data migration and a wide repertoire of the most common questions and answers.

Edited with iBooks Author, the book is very intuitive; it also has videos and other details that help its reading. The format is edited with iBooks Author, so its design, navigation and operation is very intuitive, clear and comfortable to read. The book has videos that explain details of the features and make it easier to understand the text, which does not fall into redundancy and focuses on being useful to the reader. In addition, the different coloring of the commands, the typography and the highlighting of key concepts, close a very good layout that makes it attractive to read and consult.

The author of the book is Carlos Burges , coordinator of the mythical Faq-mac.com, a real expert in the Mac world and a very good connoisseur of all the ins and outs of OS X. And he demonstrates it in the book: he brings the technology of Time Machine closer to any type of user, explaining its use, tricks and characteristics, until he gets to show powerful and very little known things about Time Machine, like tmutil , in detail.

Carlos Burges uses his experience to show us a complete panorama of the application, suitable for users of any level Carlos explains each section of the book in a very visual way, with “step by step” and really useful content for the user, going through the panorama offered by the backup application from Apple in its entirety. You can see the experience in communication of all these years at the head of Faq-mac.com and his high degree of knowledge about what he writes. He will catch us up, whether we are newcomers or veteran users.

The price of this fantastic iBook is £1.99, it is only available in the iBookstore for the iPad and is recommended for anyone who wants to find out more about one of the essential applications of our operating system. If it is also endorsed by a professional of the stature of Carlos, the book becomes almost a must read.


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