“Time Capsule is amazingly simple to use.”

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The popular editor of the New York Times , specialized in technology product analysis (5), has shown his particular point of view on Time Capsule, the wireless back-up system that Apple launched a few months ago.

With Pogue’s characteristic b, he concludes that the device is ” so simple and works exactly as it should, that the best thing we can do is to ignore it and focus on something else “.

“Time Capsule is amazingly simple to use.”
“Time Capsule is amazingly simple to use.”

However, even Pogue himself had problems when he first set it up, as the system detected that was missing space on the Time Capsule drive… when he had more than 900GB free . It also indicates that this problem “fixed itself” and then everything went smoothly.

In particular, I’ll keep the analyses that you send us ( some little heat problem you told us about ), and especially with LadyMadonna’s one in her blog: not everything that glitters is gold, even though it’s a great product that works very well.

Now, for the undecided, all that remains is to ask the questions: Why choose a TimeCapsule and not an AirPort Extreme? And if you already have one: How is it going with it?


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