Tim Cook’s plan for Android users to switch to iPhone

Apple lanza 4 anuncios para que dejes Android por un iPhone

La estrategia de Apple

No es la primera vez que Apple sigue este plan. En China ya sucedió algo parecido. La estrategia de Apple pasa por los mercados emergentes, principalmente India. Allí esta trabajando para extender nuevas tecnologías y colaborar con las operadoras locales para convencer a los poseedores de dispositivos más baratos, como feature phones o smartphones Android, de que se pasan al iPhone. Razones hay de sobra para cambiarse.

Tim Cook’s plan for Android users to switch to iPhone
Tim Cook’s plan for Android users to switch to iPhone

The world of smartphones has two clear protagonists, on the one hand we have Apple and its iPhone and on the other hand Google and Android . They are different systems, although Android is determined to copy iOS. The smartphone market seems to be saturated, and last year it did not grow at all. So large companies need to have a plan to attract new users.

At the last results conference Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, was asked about this issue. What is Apple’s plan to continue selling millions of iPhones a year? . Tim himself reveals it to us.

Apple’s Plan: India

The first thought Tim Cook left us was about the general mobile phone market. Still many feature phones or basic phones are sold. Apple and its CEO believe that over the years this market will disappear and all the mobiles sold will be smartphones. This large number of users is located in emerging markets. So if Apple manages to convince these users, it will make iPhone sales improve over the next few years.

Tim also recognized that iPhone sales in comparison with the smartphone market are low. But he also said that spend a lot of time thinking about how to convince Android users that their next device is an iPhone. In addition, the transition from Android to iOS is very easy.

Apple’s plan is India. This country is the third largest smartphone market in the world. Cook sees great opportunities for growth in India as its share in the Asian country is relatively low. Apple’s CEO indicates that are putting a lot of energy there , working with local operators and are investing heavily in LTE networks. The infrastructure has advanced quite a lot since Apple started to work in the country.

For these reasons, Tim does not buy the view that the market is saturated. He sees the smartphone market as the best market for a consumer products company ever. An excellent market that Apple is very happy to be a part of.

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