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Tim Cook’s letter of apology to users

Knowing all the commotion that is causing the departure of iPhone 5 and the failures that is generating the version of maps that includes, from Apple have had no choice but in a show of honesty, make a statement apologizing, through an open letter from Tim Cook himself, CEO of the Californian company to all users.

The news just broke. From Apple a letter has just been published in which Tim Cook, CEO of the company, apologizes to all the users who have felt disappointed with the maps and with the bad experience they have caused to many of their former enthusiastic customers. It is a novelty, an apology of this kind , especially when in other cases, such as the famous antennagate , they tried until the last moment to throw balls away.

Tim Cook’s letter of apology to users
Tim Cook’s letter of apology to users

However, by including in the apology a recommendation to use other systems while fixing the bugs , such as Google Maps, Nokia Maps, Bing, etc, from my point of view is an acknowledgement of a very badly done job. I don’t want a company like Apple to apologize to me , especially when the user who has spent nearly 900 euros on an iPhone 5, is temporarily handicapped by a function he has paid for. I refuse to believe that Apple didn’t know about the malfunctioning of the maps , but of course, the application had to be launched, whatever its state of development , because at the end of the day customers, however many apologies they ask for, don’t care, only their profits do.

Without further ado, we leave you with the letter duly translated:

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