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Tim Cook will open the D10 event with a talk

All Things Digital

The annual All Things Digital event has served over the past few years to gather Steve Jobs’ impressions of all aspects of Apple. Now it’s Tim Cook who holds the reins of the company, and he doesn’t seem to have a different opinion about appearing at this type of event. Apple’s CEO will attend and even give a keynote speech at this year’s D10 event . Kara Swisher, editor of All Things Digital, has communicated the news in the same blog:

Tim Cook will open the D10 event with a talk
Tim Cook will open the D10 event with a talk

It will be the first time that Tim Cook appears in the public arena outside of a keynote or an Apple press conference, and it will be very interesting to hear his opinions about the current market. It hasn’t been long since Cook rose to CEO status, and he has already starred in some anecdotes that we couldn’t even imagine with Jobs, as well as achieving the highest rating in the world among all the world’s CEOs.

Of course, from Apple we will comment everything that is said in that talk and in other appearances of Cook in the event. But as always, don’t expect Cook to talk about rumors about the company’s products or take the opportunity to launch something new.


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