Tim Cook, what you’ve let us see today about Apple and its future

Tim Cook made some more than informative statements at tonight’s economic results conference. Apple’s CEO explained why they can’t do anything to control the stock market crash, and also announced that they will pay more dividends to shareholders. Finally he has let it be known that they are preparing some incredible new products that will be shown soon.

A few minutes ago we announced Apple’s Q2 2013 fiscal results. Between the announcement of better growth figures despite a slightly lower profit margin, Tim Cook got wet talking about the Californian company .

Tim Cook, what you’ve let us see today about Apple and its future
Tim Cook, what you’ve let us see today about Apple and its future

Compared to Steve Jobs who kept his mouth shut about the company’s future plans, Cook has let us know several times that Apple is thinking about creating televisions, or that in 2013 we would have a new Mac Pro. Today, and due to the company’s stock market plunge that it is suffering these last months, the CEO has pronounced .

The frustrating sacking

This was stated by Tim Cook at the shareholders’ conference, where he made his own predictions. Once the economic results were announced , it was time to talk about the fall on the stock market , where the executive limited himself to saying that they are very frustrated about it, but that at Apple they are focused on the future .

He also commented that this is because they cannot control the evolution of the markets , nor that the drop in sales of their main suppliers splashes them because everyone believes that they are because Apple is in decline .

They are working on incredible products

This has been one of the most resounding statements of the whole conference, where Tim makes a declaration of intent warning all attendees that they are not resting on their laurels , that although they have not yet presented anything in 2013, the strongest thing they have prepared for the end of the year and the beginning of the next one .

At Apple, they know that the competition has beaten them to it and they can’t afford not to be the leaders. Phil Schiller’s comment in the iPhone 5 presentation of if we look in the mirror we don’t see the competition, because they are so far away that they are invisible makes no sense today; Apple is in a very critical situation at the competition level .

Will pay more to shareholders

Shareholders are not exactly happy with the Infinite Loop company, so to quell their anger the CEO of Apple has announced that they will double the value of dividend payments to shareholders , a program that began last year.

According to Cook, Apple will spend $100 billion of its capital by 2015 to distribute dividends to shareholders. This could also increase the stock market value of the shares and even a reason for purchase for many.

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