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Tim Cook to attend Sun Valley Conference

Once again, the Sun Valley Conference is held, a conference that brings together some of the most influential and powerful people in the United States. For the second consecutive year, among its most prominent attendees we find Tim Cook, who looks like he is going to do business with John Malone, the king of cable television, who may offer interesting content for Apple’s new television.

This week’s Sun Valley Conference is being held in Idaho, and Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed his attendance. The convention will be attended by more than 300 leaders from industry, politics, business and technology for four intense days. Some call it the meeting place of the most powerful people in the United States .

Tim Cook to attend Sun Valley Conference
Tim Cook to attend Sun Valley Conference

But not only are they going to give talks, but they also relate to each other and do business. And Tim Cook seems to be overdoing it this year with John Malone , one of the most popular attendees in this year’s edition. The king of cable television , at the helm of the Liberty Media company can offer interesting audiovisual content to Apple.

And not only that, let’s remember that Apple is secretly working on a television and they need to have interesting and revolutionary content when it comes out . Although they already have a huge store of music, movies, series and applications, they want to go further. Besides, some of these agreements could end up in the form of new channels for Apple TV, like the ones announced a couple of weeks ago.

The conference starts today and ends on Sunday afternoon. Media companies seem to be the ones who rub their hands the most because they expect to come out of those walls with lots of new deals under their arm. We’ll see what Cook can come up with.

Last year he also attended and it was a surprise for everyone, because until now Apple executives were rarely seen on these sites . From the other highlights of this year, we can name Rupert Murdoch, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Disney’s CEO Bob Iger.

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