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Tim Cook talks to Kara Swisher on MSNBC

Apple ya está pensando en productos que no saldrán hasta dentro de una década

Just one day after he took the stage to give Apple’s education news, Tim Cook has given an interview to technology journalism veteran Kara Swisher. The interview will be part of an MSNBC special, although some key points have already been mentioned due to the social issues.

Tim Cook and the Future of Jobs

Tim Cook talks to Kara Swisher on MSNBC
Tim Cook talks to Kara Swisher on MSNBC

Apple’s CEO has been very incisive on one particular issue: he believes that we all have to assume that education never has to end if we want to master a world where jobs are constantly changing. Cook believes that we will be learning constantly as jobs become more and more software oriented. And nothing changes more often than software.

To this end, Tim has stressed that programming must be well present in more and more educational areas. He doesn’t believe that everyone has to be a programmer, but he does believe that everyone has to master the basic pillars of the code. For the executive, “we have to anticipate” what the working world is going to ask of us, and does not advise at all “to sit back and wait for the government to regulate it” .

Tim Cook and the United States

Cook has defined his employees as “patriots” by referring to the United States , defending the country as a place where Apple creates jobs. He has complained that criticism is focused only on China, where the company’s products are assembled, while many other aspects and phases of the creation of those products are done in the United States.

There has been some emphasis on the value of the country to Apple: Tim has gone so far as to say that the company could not have been born in another territory. At the same time he has balanced the balance by saying that companies should not only think about income and profits but that they should think about giving something back to the community.

And not all is good news about the United States: Cook has confirmed that he is personally pushing to prevent the DACA law from going through . This is something he considers “a moral problem” and in which he feels “deeply offended”.

Tim Cook and Facebook

It was inevitable not to bring up the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica controversy that is so much talked about these days. Tim Cook has stressed that Apple chose “not to monetize users” by guaranteeing privacy as a right.

Kara Swisher asked Tim what he would do if he were in the Zuckerberg situation right now. Tim’s answer was clear and direct: “I would never be in his situation” . The executive believes that Facebook should have regulated itself, but that right now it is too late to do that. In return, he has said that we should encrypt all browsing data and consider blocking certain cookies.

Finally, Tim answered a question from the audience by stating that he would say to himself that “it is the journey that is important, not the destination” . And that the goal must always be to serve humanity in some way or another.

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