Tim Cook se reúne con Jimmy Iovine, CEO de Beats Audio

iTunes Match is not attractive, either in terms of functionality or price. Apple knows this, which is why they want to improve it by including a streaming feature similar to that of Spotify. They’re partnering with Beats Audio to do so, and they’ve already met with their CEO Jimmy Iovine to discuss the Daisy project further, along with Eddy Cue.

A few weeks ago we told you that Jimmy Iovine, the CEO of Beats Audio had tried to partner with Apple to integrate music by streaming into the iTunes Store, in the time of Steve Jobs. Today we learned that on the music executive’s last visit to Los Angeles, he met with Tim Cook to discuss Project Daisy , a music subscription service.

Tim Cook se reúne con Jimmy Iovine, CEO de Beats Audio
Tim Cook se reúne con Jimmy Iovine, CEO de Beats Audio

Eddy Cue, the executive in charge of iTunes at Apple, was also at the meeting, where Cook expressed an interest in Beats Audio’s project and business model , as well as its future plans. In Cupertino they have been considering including a streaming service in iTunes, to stand up to Spotify or Grooveshark.

We don’t know much more about Project Daisy at the moment, apart from the fact that Beats Audio is working hard on it . Not only are they the manufacturers of the famous Dr. Dre range of headphones, but they are also a record label.

And really the plans to carry out this reality by Apple are real, because years ago they bought Lala, which was a music service in streaming , and so far they have not taken advantage of this purchase. Surely the new Apple music service will be included in iTunes Match , and it will not fatten the expensive subscription price that today users have to pay for “only” having the possibility to listen to their own library online through their iDevices.

Rumors are that Apple wants to launch this music service later this year , but license negotiations with the record companies are making everything more difficult and slow.

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