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Tim Cook says Apple is very focused on autonomous driving systems

A few weeks ago the news broke that a test car controlled by Apple’s own autonomous driving system was circulating on public roads in California, attracting the attention of all media related to the company and the technology itself.

Currently, in a recent interview, Tim Cook fully confirms that Apple would be working on such technology.

It is officially confirmed that Apple would be very focused on autonomous driving

Tim Cook says Apple is very focused on autonomous driving systems
Tim Cook says Apple is very focused on autonomous driving systems

So far it was just rumors and leaks but, in a recent interview by Tim Cook for Bloomberg, his confirmation came.

The CEO of Cupertino’s stated that they are currently focusing on an autonomous driving system that they would implement in third-party cars and not in their own vehicle, as was speculated in various media.

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Years ago, Apple was involved in an internal project to manufacture its own vehicle, in which, obviously, they would implement, as usual in the products of the apple, their own software; but this project did not come to fruition and Apple got rid of it, giving way to a new project, focused only on the development of its own software capable of being implemented, in the future, in our daily life as far as driving is concerned.

Tim Cook’s exact words for Bloomberg were

“We are focusing on autonomous systems. This is a fundamental technology that we consider very important.

We see her as the mother of all projects. It’s probably one of the projects we’ll have to put more effort into to develop it”

With these words we can guess the roadmap that Apple wants to follow in the coming months or years.
In this interview, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, mentioned on several occasions the importance of electric driving, as well as the benefits it has, even describing the experience of driving an electric car as wonderful.

As we said at the beginning of the article, several weeks ago, specifically in April, Apple obtained a permit to test “autonomous” vehicles on public roads in California; the car used by the guys on the block was a Lexus RX450h, which we saw equipped with many cameras and sensors capable of detecting what is happening around the vehicle to provide autonomous and safe driving.

Apple testing autonomous driving

On the other hand, Bloomberg re-emphasized Apple’s production of its own vehicle, asking Tim Cook that they were not really saying what they would do from a product point of view.

Betting on the future

It is obvious that autonomous driving is one of Apple’s main projects for the next few years and one of the ones that they are going to put the most effort into, which is why it is essential for us to follow closely the steps that Cupertino’s boys take.
For my part, I think Apple is taking the right steps in this matter, because if there is one thing they know how to do well, it is well-optimized software.

And you, do you think Apple will be able to implement its own stand-alone software in consumer vehicles in the short term? Do you think Apple is up to more than just software? Leave your opinion in the comment box

Source: MacRumors

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