Tim Cook reveals it in a slip of the tongue

Update: as many of you have already guessed, and as specified in the final link, this news is actually about our traditional April Fool’s Day joke in Spain.

Tim Cook is getting out of hand and the Apple CEO is going around dropping confidential company projects. In a recent interview, which seemed to be the most innocent in the world, he first dropped the possibility of seeing a folding iPhone next year. Minutes later he ended up confirming it in front of the journalist’s questions. Here are all the details.

Tim Cook reveals it in a slip of the tongue
Tim Cook reveals it in a slip of the tongue

Tim Cook gave an interview to the American medium The Innocent, and in response to questions from journalist Johnny Meh Lavo, a phrase escaped him that ended up revealing a bombshell. Apple’s plans for next year with the iPhone have been revealed and surely more than one will fall off the chair when reading it.

“It’s true, Samsung passed us on the right, but we’re going to launch similar things next year too,” Cook said first. The interviewer, surprised, asked him directly if he was referring to a folding iPhone, and that’s when the CEO let go completely and dared to say the following:

“Eh… well… yes, it’s true. Okay. Why deny it? In 2020 we’re going to launch many iPhones and one of them will be the folding iPhone. There is no innovation in this type of device, it does not contribute anything to society, but when ours comes out we want to be able to say that it is a real revolution. You know we have legal problems with a thousand providers, so so only one little corner will be foldable , but… Wow! Are you going to tell me it’s not great? It’s just what everyone needs. It will come with 10 cameras . Why? Because we can. People want cameras, they’re going to get fed up. They will be wide angle, ultra wide angle, ultra super wide angle, ultra super wide angle and a few more. It will be called ‘iPhone 12 Fold Pro Plus Omega Alpha Sapphire Emerald ‘. Yes, I recognize it, the Pokémon based on this name for their video game sagas. Not the other way around, since we patented it in 1945, just when Hitler’s death was made public. By the way, it will sell for only $4,000 in its 16GB storage version”.

So it’s more than confirmed that Apple is working on that famous flexible iPhone that we heard so much about when the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X came out. We will have to see how the fans of the brand react to this event, but everything points to the fact that it could be a success, especially the 16GB version, since it is more than enough storage to have the only 2 essential apps in our iPhone.

We have been very surprised by the way the company’s CEO has confirmed this launch, but obviously we give him all the credibility in the world as it could not be otherwise. In any case the moment Cook revealed this has been reflected in a video that you can see by clicking HERE.

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