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Tim Cook refers to the Apple Car with a ‘no comment


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We suppose that one of the great skills of an executive of Tim Cook’s stature lies in dodging questions that might compromise the development of new products or services for the company, and for the first time he has answered an open question about one of the great mysteries that currently surround Cupertino’s firm: the Apple Car. The CEO gave an exclusive interview to Fortune and when asked about the Apple Car, he answered: “I can’t talk about that” .

Tim Cook refers to the Apple Car with a ‘no comment
Tim Cook refers to the Apple Car with a ‘no comment

Cook was questioned about the company’s new investment areas and the manager justified Apple’s trials in new business areas as , a curiosity in which a lot of money ends up being invested. In this respect, the CEO stated that Apple would have the capacity to invest in new projects even if they did not come to fruition , but then he added, “if we invest large amounts of money in something, it is true that the commitment to it is high”.

And everything seems to indicate that the Titan project would be one of the aforementioned high commitment to which Cook refers, at least if we stick to the latest information that we have echoed, such as the spaces rented by the firm in various industrial parks, the strange noises that could be heard from one of the company’s secret buildings or the loud hiring of executives with experience in the automotive industry.


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