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Tim Cook recalls the figure of Steve Jobs on a very special day

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Ricky Fernandez

Posted on October 05, 2018 – 14:31

Today, October 5, 2011, died Steve Jobs (Steven Paul Jobs), co-founder of Apple Computer and one of the most charismatic and well-known people of the plan because of his vision on how to change the world.

We all know Steve’s work in front of the public thanks to the creations presented, such as the iPod which marked a real revolution in the music industry, not simply for putting 1000 songs in your pocket, but for the whole revolution in general and which continues to evolve today.

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Like the subscriptions to Apple Music, of which we have a really wide catalogue, at any time and with a reduced price compared to all that it offers us. Now it is normal to pay 9.99 euros for a month’s music subscription, but 10 years ago, paying 1 dollar or euro for a single song was unthinkable and destroyed many jobs, establishments and at the same time a new way of consuming music.

Jobs had to struggle a lot with industry to achieve this, but he had something that most of us mortals lack or have not developed in consideration, confidence in oneself and one’s own vision of drastic and disruptive change. Steve was able to sell a bag of ice cubes to an Eskimo.

Tim Cook recalls the figure of Steve Jobs

Despite being a very peculiar person, too sincere and with an ease to make you see the field of distortion of reality. Some people have catalogued him as an arrogant person in his most familiar environment and even with his workers.

We are not going to go into the evaluation of her personality (at least today), but it is true that without her, the evolution of consumer technology would probably not have made that important leap in quality.

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Tim Cook claims in a tweet that: “Steve taught me – and all of us – what it means to serve humanity. We miss him, today and every day, and we will never forget the example he set for us.”

Steve Jobs gave an instruction to Tim Cook that he has taken as a banner, “Don’t run Apple like Steve Jobs would, do it like Tim Cook would.” Said and done. Shortly after his death, Cook began launching devices that Jobs probably wouldn’t have launched (at least in the short term).

Turnaround in Apple with Tim Cook at the helm

Tim Cook with Steve Jobs

One of the first signs that a new path in Apple was starting a new way, we could check it with the iPhone 6 Plus with a huge size (exaggerated at that time). Steve defended the compact size of the iPhone, a size that allowed to reach with the thumb all over the screen arc. He didn’t want a pencil, since he considered that we had 5 beautiful tools in our hands, our fingers.

These act as an interaction between the device and our hand, without the need for an external accessory to come between them. He literally stated in a “Keynote” that: “No one wants to use a stylus .

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And you believed it, Jobs had spoken and the rest of us were “the norm”. Yes, that’s right, I had that ability to make you believe what you really needed, removing all your doubts about it at once. It was just Jobs.

So we could tell a endless number of anecdotes , he was a person with many lights and shadows. More lights in front of the public and more shadows in the family environment. But there is no doubt that he was an icon, he was a safe bet in every idea he had, in every device he presented and that is why we have to be grateful to them.

Tim Cook is right, we should be grateful to Steve

Grateful for changing our areas of consumption, grateful for being able to have several devices in one, grateful for striving to make products with a level of detail and design that even reach the visible areas of them. This was a message he conveyed to customers to say, “We take it very seriously to offer you the best product”.

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Tim Cook has been very right in his message, Steve Jobs has taught us a lot, either directly or indirectly. Steve is no longer physically with us, but his legacy lives on and will continue for many years to come, like all the great geniuses of history.

Today, October 5th, we remember you, where we are almost sure you remember the exact place you were at the time you heard the news about the death of Steve Jobs in 2011.

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