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Tim Cook promotes Sony Xperia Z-style Portrait Mode on iPhone X

Tim Cook has shared a series of photographs on his Twitter account where we can see some images of some photographers at the Hindu festival in Holi.

These images show some of the features of the new Apple terminal. Specifically in mode Portrait . Apple’s CEO claims that these pictures are taken with an iPhone X.

Tim Cook promotes Sony Xperia Z-style Portrait Mode on iPhone X
Tim Cook promotes Sony Xperia Z-style Portrait Mode on iPhone X

These images that Tim Cook has shared, are very reminiscent of the promotion that Sony did some years ago with its Xperia Z. Where they took advantage of the same holiday to promote their most advanced terminal at that time.

Apple is doing a strong campaign with the iPhone X, but especially with the quality of their photos , where they have already published a series of videos on their YouTube channel to explain how we can make the most of it.

We don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but these photos have been shared just at the moment when Samsung has launched its new flagship, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ . Where many media claim that the quality of the photos is higher than that of the iPhone X.

Coincidentally or not, Tim Cook wanted to demonstrate that the Portrait mode built into iOS 11 are truly spectacular in any situation, where they emulate studio photography but without a studio. This is thanks to the photographers who took the images from an iPhone X.


As we commented, these photographs have been taken during the Holi festivities, which mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. All this with a very colorful party. It is not the first time that a brand of these sizes uses this party as a claim of the capacities of its devices.

Sony did the same with the Xperia Z, using a David Bowie theme, where it showed the water resistance and the ability to take pictures and videos in extraordinary quality. We remind you of this in the following video, which I’m sure you’ll remember.

What did you think of the photos shared by Tim Cook?