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Tim Cook narrates a new ad for Apple: Better

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Tim Cook narrates a new ad for Apple: Better
Tim Cook narrates a new ad for Apple: Better

We haven’t seen anything like this in years. Apple has never been known to have its top managers appear in ads. However, Steve Jobs dared to dub the Think Different ad with his voice, even though this version was never televised. Today, almost twenty years later, something similar is being repeated; Apple has published a new advertisement talking about the environment and its values when creating products . And yes, as you well imagined Tim Cook is the voice in off that we hear.

They have done so to celebrate Earth Day, which is tomorrow, April 22 . That is why we see how they have made an in-depth update of their website on environmental responsibility, with new content that shows the enormous dedication of the company to be careful with the environment.

The video is entitled ‘Better’, and in addition to environmental awareness we see Apple’s drive to always do things better , where good is never enough, and always surpasses itself on every new occasion.

Currently 94% of the energy supplied to the data centers of the Californian company is supplied by renewable energy . And this figure is rising even higher. While the data center in Nevada and North Carolina are supplied by solar energy, the rest of the centers use hydroelectric energy.

But that’s not all, as they tell us in a small computer graphic how the consumption of their products has evolved, focusing on the iMac, which has gone from consuming in standby 35 watts in the first generation to 0.9 watts in the current model.