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Tim Cook makes a visit to the Valve offices

Tim Cook surprises us more and more every day as Apple’s CEO. Not that he’s better than Steve Jobs in his position, but we do see his presence more in different situations where we didn’t see Apple’s co-founder before. This time we’ve seen him around the Valve offices. We don’t know his intentions, but knowing how Apple works I wouldn’t rule out that we might see some agreement between the two companies in the future.

We were surprised this morning to learn that Tim Cook was at the Valve facility yesterday. Well, the change of CEO to Apple has affected him. Every day we see Tim in different situations where we didn’t see Steve Jobs, like in his trip to the factories in China or the photographs taken with apple fans in the Apple Store. This man never ceases to amaze us in just a few months in office. The curious thing now is that he has decided to come to the headquarters of the games platform Steam, what will he be up to? Will there be some sort of agreement between the two companies?

Tim Cook makes a visit to the Valve offices
Tim Cook makes a visit to the Valve offices

If we remember, Valve started to provide us a couple of years ago with a wide range of games thanks to the Steam platform for OS X , allowing us to access games like Portal (1 and 2), Left 4 Dead or Half Life , among others. This move was seen as a positive development for both companies, as one gained users by opening the doors to the apple’s operating system and the other got rid of the ballast that meant not having enough quality games on the Mac to be able to entertain.

On the other hand, we also know that Valve recently released its own Steam application for iOS , although for now in private beta, so access is restricted until the final version comes out. As we can see, the relationship between Apple and Valve is getting closer and closer, so we could think that they will get even closer in the future.

The reasons why Tim Cook decided to come to the offices of the video game company are unknown , and we don’t even know if they will transcend one day. What we can do now is figure out what the objective of this visit might be. Presumably it will have happened for some important reason, otherwise it is hard to imagine why the CEO of Apple has crossed half the country, all the way to Washington, to talk to Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve. We know that it has to be related to video games ( something obvious ), so I wouldn’t rule out that it has something to do with the development of Game Center for Mountain Lion to give a boost to games on OS X, or even for the future development of games for iOS , which would be a complete success if it happened.

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