Tim Cook looks at Apple’s present and future

In the recent interview that Tim Cook gave at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, we can find very interesting things. He touches on many of the issues that affect the company today and relates his vision of the company’s present and future.

These days they’re being tidy in the news. And among the possible launch of iPad, renewal of Apple TV, etc, we find some statements by Tim Cook made at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, an event oriented to investors.

Tim Cook looks at Apple’s present and future
Tim Cook looks at Apple’s present and future

Cook has touched on many and varied topics in the development of the interview, commenting on the most noteworthy aspects of current “manzanera” . Moreover, Apple has already uploaded the audio of the interview, which he even offered in streaming .

So we see how has spoken about iCloud, proud that more than one hundred million users are using the cloud they have put at your service. Apple’s CEO sees the future in cloud storage , as his words denote and that will be part of the strategy of Cupertino’s

One of the products that is expected to be renewed, has also been treated by Cook; the Apple TV, of which the company sold only three million units during 2011 and one million in the last quarter, is seen as a hobby by the top manager of Apple .

Cook also pointed out that the company needs something different. On the pretext that Apple “doesn’t do hobbies, as a rule,” the company thought it could “find something that was more interesting. From Cook’s comments, one can deduce that they are going for something big in the world of television.

Since he agreed to be the CEO of the company on August 24 last year and despite the fact that many see him as a new Jobs , he defines himself by saying that although he has a lot of Jobs, because they have worked side by side intensively for a long time, at the same time he has his own way of seeing things , which together with what he learned with Steve, will try to use to keep the company on track.

Foxconn’s theme also came to the fore and these were the words Cook used to address it:

Regarding the iPad and the tablet market, Tim Cook said that with this large amount of sales, the iPad had absorbed part of the Mac market , but above all it had affected the sales of Windows PCs, which it has eaten up.

Some interesting aspects of the interview may have been left out, but I think that this article is the most important one. What is clear is that Tim Cook seems to have a very clear idea of how to run the company and what objectives they should pursue.

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