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Tim Cook donates $5 million in stock to charity

Apple strongly supports the humanitarian actions of numerous organizations around the world with specific collaborations in addition to the donation of funds on a regular basis with different campaigns . The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, also wanted to show his more humanitarian side by donating a total of 23,000 Apple shares to an unspecified charity.

Today the Securities and Exchange Commission released a report that was collected by Business Insider stating that Tim Cook has made a donation of 23,000 shares. According to the current value of the shares which is at $215.04, the donation would have been almost $5 million. This figure may vary as there is no knowledge of when this donation was made and therefore it is not known what value they had at that time.

Tim Cook donates $5 million in stock to charity
Tim Cook donates $5 million in stock to charity

The directors of the various companies are not obliged to declare the donations they make to charitable organizations, which is why we have no knowledge of which organization Tim Cook has donated this amount of shares to.

Apple’s CEO is known for making such donations from time to time. For example, in 2014 he made a generous donation to a campaign fighting for LGBT equality in Alabama or Arkansas.

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In addition, Tim Cook himself in an interview in 2015 stated that he was thinking of donating all his wealth in a systematic way to this type of organizations that require significant financial support. From this moment on, Apple’s CEO has been making silent donations of which not many details have been disclosed.

It is a great gesture for us that these kinds of executives make this kind of donation to organizations that seek to make a better world. Undoubtedly these companies with millionaire profits are the most suitable to make donations and try to distribute the wealth in this world.

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