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Tim Cook doesn’t want kids to be on social networks

In an interview conducted a few days ago in a school in the UK, Tim Cook had a few words to say about the use of social networks and children.

This interview was dedicated to the curriculum ” Programming for All “, where we already commented on all the news and where Apple will be present in several European countries, including Spain.

Tim Cook doesn’t want kids to be on social networks
Tim Cook doesn’t want kids to be on social networks

A few days ago, Apple investors dedicated an open letter to the company to work more thoroughly on parental control and the dependence of minors on technology.

Tim Cook, photo: AFP

Tim Cook’s position was quite strong, he doesn’t want kids to be on social networks . Many parents have doubts about whether children can be integrated into social networks at an early age.

If we look at experts in the field, they are also adamant on the subject, children should not be and participate in social networks, just as parents should not upload photographs of them.

Tim Cook has no children, but a nephew who imposes certain restrictions on his use of technology, in addition to preventing him from using social networks.

“I don’t have children, but I do have a nephew and I have set some limits on the use of technology. There are some things we don’t allow, I don’t want them on social networks”

On the other hand, Tim Cook sees it as very positive that children start to become familiar with programming from a very young age, where it could help them with gender diversity.

Apple’s CEO already made some very striking statements some time ago, where he said that: “Learning to program is more important than learning English” .


The position of Tim Cook seems quite reasonable, to avoid children using social networks and to encourage them to learn to program from an early age in order to be able to opt for a future with ample possibilities.

What do you think about the position of Apple’s CEO? Do you agree that children should not be on social networks?

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