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Tim Cook auctions off his time for charity

“Es nuestro momento de levantarse, pararlo todo y forzar un diálogo”: Tim Cook habla con Time

One, two, three and here’s the fourth. Tim Cook has decided to put his time back up for auction , namely a meal with him lasting about an hour, with the idea of raising funds for charity. And like last year, the executive is also offering two exclusive passes to attend an Apple keynote.

Tim Cook auctions off his time for charity
Tim Cook auctions off his time for charity

The foundation to which the money will go is a favorite of Tim: the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center , which defends universal human rights. Two people will be able to accompany Tim Cook to lunch, and the cost of the meal is included but not the cost of getting to Cupertino.

At the moment the bids are already up to $125,000

The Charitybuzz website on which the auction is taking place has placed its original value at $100,000, which as I write this has already been exceeded with the highest bid placed at $125,000 . And yet it is a low value if we look at the final bids of the previous auctions: someone even paid more than $600,000 a year to be able to chat for a while with Apple’s CEO.

Some curiosities: it is guaranteed that Tim will try to formalize the meeting ” as soon as possible “, but at the same time it is warned that it could take even a year for reasons of availability. Politeness and respect are required, and the two auction winners are warned that they may be subject to security checks prior to meeting Tim . The auction ends May 5 at 3:38 PM Pacific Time.

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