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Tile testifies against the company

Large companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and even Facebook have been investigated in recent years by US courts for possible monopolistic behaviour. In the sessions held so far, some companies that may have been affected by the actions of these companies are testifying and recently it has become known that since Tile they have not left Apple in a very good place.

What has Apple done against Tile?

The Tile company is an American company specialized in the development and marketing of homonymous products such as Tile labels, useful for locating objects or devices through an app. The operation of their products in iOS could have been affected in recent months by new privacy requirements from Apple.

Tile testifies against the company
Tile testifies against the company

Reuters reports that Tile executives testified against Apple at a hearing earlier this week. In it they stated that Apple had not only failed to improve its behavior in combating monopolistic practices, but had worsened . They were hiding behind a new feature introduced in iOS 13 that prevents users from easily allowing third-party apps to access the continuous location of their iPhone.

This functionality is detrimental to applications such as Tile because it requires constant access to the location of the device to ensure proper operation of its accessories. And the truth is that since September there have been numerous developers who have complained about this, so Apple launched an improvement in iOS 13.4 in order to avoid this type of problem.

Future Apple AirTag, another showdown?

For months now, there have been rumors that Apple is preparing new accessories such as stickers and key chains to locate objects and that they would be called AirTag. This stopped being a rumor to become consistent information after references to it were discovered in the iOS code. These accessories will compete against the Tile , which could be a new reason for the confrontation between both companies

Image: MacRumors

Although it must be said that Tile is not the only company that markets this type of accessory, the truth is that its accessories are the most popular. The arrival of Apple accessories would only complicate things for this company, losing a good part of its market share. We don’t think this could be something illegal or even immoral on the part of Cupertino’s people, but neither would it help both companies to improve their relationship .

Both Apple and the other companies mentioned at the outset will continue to be investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission. Therefore, we will be awaiting any new information that may arise in relation to the firm headed by Tim Cook.

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