Tidal blames Apple for not being able to broadcast a Drake live

¿Es Tidal el fracaso más espectacular de los fracasos de compañías de internet en años?

Something happened this weekend between Apple Music and Tidal, one of the rival streaming services. The latter has been broadcasting a charity event to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina on the tenth anniversary of its formation, called the Lil WeezyAna Festival, but had to momentarily cut the signal when the artist Drake came out to sing live.

Tidal blames Apple for not being able to broadcast a Drake live
Tidal blames Apple for not being able to broadcast a Drake live

The reason is simple: Drake has an exclusive contract signed with Apple Music , which obliges it not to appear in broadcasts of other music services. This contract can be worth up to 19 million dollars. So as soon as Apple saw that Tidal was going to broadcast a Drake live, it supposedly warned Tidal that it could launch a $20 million lawsuit.

Tidal cut the broadcast, not before placing a message blaming Apple for it

The case allegedly ended with Tidal cutting the broadcast of the two songs that Drake sang, replacing it with a message that the same service has published on Twitter: ” Apple is interfering with the artists and does not allow this artist to be broadcast. Sorry for the inconvenience of Big Brother’ “.

So far, you have read the “official” version in quotes that can be read from Tidal’s own social profiles. However, Drake’s manager has said that Apple has not threatened anyone with lawsuits . From Buzzfeed we can read how this manager accuses Tidal of distorting information, and that the decision not to broadcast the two songs that Drake sang at the festival was precisely Drake’s own.

I made a 100% business decision “, says his manager. “Apple doesn’t have the power to deprive us of being on a live broadcast. The only people who can do that are Cash Money and Universal, and they are our partners.” So far, neither Apple nor Tidal have wanted to comment officially on this.

So we have two versions: Apple threatening to sue Tidal by putting a signed contract on the table, or Tidal taking advantage of a decision by Drake and his manager to give Apple a bad image. We’ll see if more data clarifies what has happened later .

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