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Thus a classic of the Mac App Store has been reborn


Twitterrific is one of the most used Twitter clients in the Apple ecosystem, its iOS app has always been up to date adding features and system support. The macOS app however stopped evolving in about 2013, when iOS was given more prominence. Now, Twitterrific for MacOS is back with more power and a brand new app .

Thus a classic of the Mac App Store has been reborn
Thus a classic of the Mac App Store has been reborn

The new Twitterrific app can now be purchased on the Mac App Store, it incorporates everything you would expect from a Twitter client : tweet, reply, send direct messages, search, view lists, retweet… But on top of that it incorporates new features specific to this client that we have already seen in the iOS version:

  • Customization of the app: As in the iOS app, we can customize the appearance, typography, or how multimedia content is displayed for example.
  • Clean and clear timeline: Chronologically ordered, without advertising and with a well-distinguished element so that we can focus on reading the tweets that interest us.
  • Built-in MacOS functions: Notification Center support, Retina display support, MacOS sharing system support, full screen mode…
  • Synchronization between devices: The timeline stays where we left it, as the timeline marker is synchronized across all devices so we don’t read the same tweet twice.

Twitterrific for macOS has emerged from funding by Kickstarter , the guys from Iconfactory got a huge success in funding and finally decided to make the app for the desktop again. The truth is that the result is interesting, because they have managed to adapt the app to High Sierra macOS starting from scratch.

Its price is 21.99 euros, which may seem exaggerated for a Twitter client having the official app for free. But you have to take into account the advantages it has: no advertising, customizable, chronological timeline… In short, a great app, if you like old school Twitter , if you are a Twitterrific user on iOS.

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