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Thunderbolt prepares its expansion for 2012

There is no better news for us, the consumers, than the expansion of Thunderbolt into the world of PCs. This will allow us greater access to this technology, as its costs will be reduced as well as the final price in the market. Intel anticipates that its incursion into the market will come from the second half of 2012

The fastest transmission cable on the market created by Apple, also known as Thunderbolt, is preparing its expansion into the world of PCs . According to Digitimes, the company Intel has notified this among its workers, who are already preparing its launch in laptops and desktop computers from April next year.

Thunderbolt prepares its expansion for 2012
Thunderbolt prepares its expansion for 2012

It is expected that the manufacturing cost of Thunderbolt technology will fall by the second half of 2012, allowing for much faster expansion. At present, we have hard drives that have already adopted “lightning transmission”, but their prices are capable of taking the hiccups out of you.

In less than a year, Apple has updated all the iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and MacBook Air ranges, including the Thunderbolt Display desktop displays. Intel expects it to be well accepted by the market, as will the lower-priced, lower-speed USB 3.0 tickets .

We’ll be looking forward to your foray into the PC world. This will help and much to make our future components much more affordable.

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