Thunderbolt-3 to 10GbE QNAP adapter draw in Spain

A few days ago we told you how incredibly well the QNAP adapter from Thunderbolt-3 to Ethernet worked, giving us a network speed of up to 10 GbE. Well, if you saw that it could be useful for you but you didn’t take the step to buy it because of its price or because you weren’t convinced, now this adapter can be yours thanks to a raffle of the QNAP itself where you can win the same adapter that we analyzed in The Bite Block. If you are interested in taking this adapter for free, read on because here we tell you how to participate.

As a reminder, this adapter r gives us the possibility to work with another device in our home that supports 10 GbE network speed, such as a NAS . If you have a NAS in your home and you see that the data transfer becomes really slow the best thing you can do is to have this adapter at hand to make the data or media transfer very fast.

Thunderbolt-3 to 10GbE QNAP adapter draw in Spain
Thunderbolt-3 to 10GbE QNAP adapter draw in Spain

Now you have the incredible opportunity to have this adapter totally free if you live in Spain, because thanks to QNAP we are going to raffle the adapter among our readers. As we say, this draw is for national territory and to participate simply you must access the web of the draw in here.

Participate in this draw here.

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As soon as you enter the website you must register and then you must simply perform the two actions of participation. One of them is to visit the QNAP Spain YouTube channel and if you want to subscribe and the other is to follow the QNAP Spain Twitter account to be informed of all the news regarding new products. Please note that these actions must be registered on the website by clicking on the “+1” and making it possible for gleam to check that you have visited the channel and followed the Twitter account.

Once you have the two actions done you will start to participate in the draw. You must know that this draw will be valid from today until June 30 . On July 1st itself we invite you to return to this article as we will update it with the name of the lucky winner.

If I were you I would not miss this opportunity and invite everyone to participate in this draw because we are talking about a product that has a price of over 100 euros and that offers incredible features that will improve our productivity in the office or at home.

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