Three visual styles for NetNewsWire

One of the options I like best about NetNewsWire is the possibility to change the style of the reading panel . You may think it’s a bit silly, but it’s not, being able to vary between styles depending on the mood is very beneficial, there are styles that relax you more, others help you read better, others separate much more the parts that make up the entry, so I thought I would recommend the three styles that I use the most , in this order: FeedLight, AisleOne and Ollicle Reflex.

The first, FeedLight , comes in three colors: Aqua and Graphite which combine very well with Tiger for example and the skin Metal , which is a very resultant matte grey that allows it to integrate perfectly into Leopard and offer a pleasant read. This visual style is the one I usually have activated.

Three visual styles for NetNewsWire
Three visual styles for NetNewsWire

To read everything with a lot of separation and in a more isolated way, use the second one, AisleOne allows you to read in a very easy way the title and the information related to the entry that you are syndicating.

Finally, Ollicle Reflex allows us to configure the display of the entry with a black or white background and using one or two reading panels, which gains a lot of space in the distribution to a column and also allows us a degree of customization: those blogs in which we want to read in more detail, we can choose to display them with a black background so that the letters stand out and are easier to read.

To install them in the new version of NNW, just download and unzip the packages they come in and double-click on the style file, so that NNW asks you for confirmation to install it and it becomes active in the status bar on the right hand side (selectable combo of the style to be displayed).


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