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Three tricks that will help you keep iPhoto organized and up to date

Many times users complain about programs that make use of their own libraries to manage the content and files used, the reason may be simple but deep down it happens because we are all a bit lazy and managing a big library takes time .

Logically, if we leave things to the end, the day we want to add new content we will find ourselves with a lot of work to do and on top of that our library will be a disaster when it comes to searching.

Three tricks that will help you keep iPhoto organized and up to date
Three tricks that will help you keep iPhoto organized and up to date

With iTunes you can still allow this behavior, but not with iPhoto, since it is a program that requires our help to be organized since the title IMG_12132 does not mean much when ordering or searching for a photo.

But so it’s not a nightmare to search for something or manage your images, here are three simple tricks to use when adding new content, so our photos are always organized.

Organize iPhoto by creating events for each set of photos

It may seem obvious and even basic, but there is no better way to get our entire library organized than by creating events that define and categorize each photographic set.

Doing so is very easy, before importing the photos we simply have to put a descriptive name at the bottom of the import options. We will automatically create a new event and the photos will be added to it.

An even easier option is to create a folder in the Finder with the name of the event and add all the photos to it. Once added, we import the entire folder into iPhoto. The program will create an event with the same folder title

Use the tags and descriptions to more easily locate the photographs

With the creation of events we already have a big step in the organization of the library since with the right keyword we are sure to find the event we are looking for, but… what happens when we don’t find in any way that photo we are looking for? We need a more comprehensive information system.

In that case the solution is to use the tags or the description. Adding these to each of the pictures is a bit tedious, so it’s better to define a set of generic tags for a complete set, so that we will complete the title of the event.

To do this we have to select a set of photographs and click on the “i” button that accompanies each image or with the shortcut “cmd+i”. Once this is done, we will access a menu from which we can add a description to the set of photographs.

Use all other iPhoto options

You can say that if you have reached this point you have already made a great effort. You’ve gone from saving your photos without any sense, to having them all tidy and relatively accessible, but now that we’re here we can finish using all the options iPhoto offers.

I’m talking about facial recognition and geo-tagging. The second one is very easy to do, to put the photos on a map you just have to use the same procedure of the previous step (the one of adding descriptions) but add the name of a city or location in the corresponding location of the window.

Adding “faces” is a bit more laborious, but once a few pictures are put in and tagged the system starts working almost autonomously and we simply have to confirm the people. At first it’s a bit tedious, but once you put it in, the work you save in the future is quite big.

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