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Three physical keyboards for the iPhone 44S

Go ahead and say that adding a physical keyboard to the iPhone seems to me to be an idea worthy of the first prize for bad ideas. Maybe Apple was close to doing it with the original model but today I think we all agree that one of the biggest successes of the company was to bet everything on its multi-touch interface.

But of course, not everyone has to have the same opinion, and since Blackberry seems to be increasingly far from being a viable alternative for those who cannot live without the tactile feedback of a physical keyboard, what do you think about taking a look at some of the alternatives available on the market or soon to come?

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy iPhone Case

Three physical keyboards for the iPhone 44S
Three physical keyboards for the iPhone 44S

Boxwave’s slide-out keyboard cases offer options for every taste and pocket, with black and white models, with or without backlighting, and even in landscape or portrait format at prices ranging from $39.95 to $79.95. The construction and finish are excellent including dedicated keys to hide or show the virtual keyboard or go to the iPhone’s home screen.

It works through Bluetooth 2.0 and has a not inconsiderable autonomy of two weeks. It’s a pity that they haven’t released a version for the 4.0 standard yet, which will surely improve this figure even more.


Now that the projects financed by Kickstarter are so fashionable, I found it interesting to include this one not so much because it represents a particularly attractive alternative (moreover, the cover is ugly with evil ) but because it is different . Spike’s proposal works on the iPhone’s screen itself, superimposing physical keys over their virtual equivalents, without requiring any kind of connection, Bluetooth, or power.

It seems to work even with gloves, so its TypeSmart technology (patent pending) leaves me as confused as its 80th design that even allows itself the luxury of offering a limited edition in ectoplasmic green. Its price? $35 (if it makes it to market).

Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone

Finally, the most economical option, but also the most difficult to achieve, considering that ThinkGeek stopped shipping to Spain due to high customs costs. This case, similar to those of Boxwave, although its price is a hard to beat $29.99 .

What do you think of these cases? Do you consider them interesting or do you think they send the iPhone’s whole raison d’être to hell while spoiling its design, weight and dimensions?

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