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Three new iPad Pros may be introduced in March

As we approach the end of the year, more rumours are appearing about the release date of the next generation iPad Pro . However, one of the current devices most sought after by analysts is undoubtedly the next generation of the iPad family, as both the iPhone and MacBook have been revamped in recent months.

As stated by Barclays Research Blayne Curtis analysts, the iPad Pro range will feature three different types of format . On the one hand, we would have the 9.7 inch , followed by one of 12.9 and finally a third with 10.9 inch . In this case, the information comes from the vicinity of Apple on the Asian continent, which makes the rumour more reliable.

Three new iPad Pros may be introduced in March
Three new iPad Pros may be introduced in March

This news reaffirms the rumors that have already emerged about this renewal. It is worth remembering that the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo ya informed us of a next generation of the iPad family .

One of the rumors to highlight about the technical specifications and design, is the possible absence of bezels and a greater range of screen . This new design, would decrease the thickness of the frame, so the design will be one of the highlights of the next device of the Californian company.

For the fans of the iPad Mini , you are in luck, since the American company would have planned to continue with the version of the iPad Mini, despite the rumours that arose about the elimination of the catalogue. It is true that the Mini model is in a kind of no man’s land, since the increase in size of both the latest iPhone and iPad models makes this version lose interest. Even so, the Mini version is more comfortable to travel and take with you everywhere, offering excellent performance, typical of the apple brand.

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