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Three little utilities for OS X, free today on the Mac App Store

Diego Arráez

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Three little utilities for OS X, free today on the Mac App Store
Three little utilities for OS X, free today on the Mac App Store


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Temas de interés A year before its launch we at Apple were already talking about how the online store for Mac could be real, and a few months later Apple materialized it for the first time in its desktop operating system.

Installing an application store on a system that already has the traditional means of downloading is complicated: Not only do you have to convince users to look for applications in the centralised repository ( with its advantages, and disadvantages ), but also the developers to publish their applications in that environment. Little by little we see how it fills up with applications that are worth highlighting.

This is the case with three applications from the Spaniard Diego Arráez , today completely free, which will allow us to take a little more control of our Mac to perform common actions more easily. Take a look at what Diego has to offer, because I’m sure you’ll find some of them useful:

  • cmdQuit: Do you open a thousand applications on your Mac and then have to go through them one by one? With cmdQuit, you can close them all at once simply by clicking on the application icon, including those in the Finder.
  • OneTrash: We may have a lot of files in the trash, but we want to keep a few for safety. That’s what this application allows us to do, to select which files we want to delete, without deleting the others. Besides, deleting a large amount of files is up to 10 times faster than the system does.
  • OptimPrefs: Similar to a trick we talked about a few months ago for iOS, this small application allows us to have instant access via icons to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound and Screen Brightness. In the next version, we will also be able to manage these accesses.

As you can see, very specific applications for situations in which we can use them. Diego has also developed an application called OptimUSB, to manage and “clean” the USB devices we connect to our Mac that also looks good, although in this case the application is not free.

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