three iOS applications that allow it

Apple comienza a ofrecer mapas internos de edificios públicos con Apple Maps en iOS 11

You may feel recognized: you have met one or several people in a big city, you have arrived at the meeting point and you wonder how much each of the rest of the group is missing . Partly that can be solved with those people by sharing their location via instant messaging, but can there be a better way to do that without bothering them too much?

three iOS applications that allow it
three iOS applications that allow it

Well, there is: by directly sharing your position in real time on a map. Only during that moment when you are going to a meeting point, of course. With your location data under your control as long as you want to stop the process. And there are several iOS applications that let you do that without a hitch.

For when you drive: Waze

Waze, the collaborative application for drivers supported and resourced by Google, has a way to share the route you have active in the car with anyone you want. It’s shared via a web link, so anyone with any device can find out your arrival time and see where you’re going at all times.

The application also marks on the map any traffic jams on the road, so you even have a good context to know why at certain times the car is going at a lower speed. Waze works on any road in the world, its map is global. You have the share button available as soon as you press the ‘Go’ button at the start of your route.

For when you walk or use public transport: CityMapper

CityMapper also has this function, and in a very similar way. You copy a web link to the clipboard and paste it to whoever you want to know where you are at all times. But this time the route is limited to one of the cities covered by CityMapper.

The beauty of this alternative is that you can see exactly the route on public transport that the person has taken: metro lines, transfers, buses and even the parts of the road that you walk. The time of arrival is adapted to the rhythm you are on, and the option to send the route to someone is on the ‘Send ETA’ button that you can see on the image above after starting the trip.

The wild card: Google Maps

With Google Maps you can also share your location in real time, although doing so including the planned route is an option and not the main thing to share. Once again, we have a worldwide availability, although here you have to use the application of the service irremediably. Fortunately, Google Maps is compatible with all the most used platforms nowadays.

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