Three Apple products make Time magazine’s list of the best devices of the decade


There are only a few days left until the end of 2019, and also until the end of the decade. Time magazine has compiled a list of the most important and significant products presented in this period of time. In it we find devices from companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple .

Three Apple products make Time magazine’s list of the best devices of the decade
Three Apple products make Time magazine’s list of the best devices of the decade

In the list, which is not numbered with positions that “value” them from best to worst, most brands have an influential product, but in the case of Apple we find more than one; specifically, three articles that have been sufficiently striking to set the course of the industry.

The first one mentioned in the list is the iPad . First released in 2010, as they say in ‘Time’, the concept of the computer-tablet was something more typical of science fiction movies than real life. Moreover, with the arrival of iPadOS Apple opens the door to a world of possibility that we are already enjoying (Safari in desktop version, download manager, improved files application, etc.)

We also have the Apple Watch , which came out in 2015. The intelligent Apple Bite Watch has gone from being a product for the most technology enthusiasts to an everyday accessory for millions of people. Its success does not lie in being able to display the notifications we receive on the iPhone on our wrist, as many others do, but rather in the section on health and physical exercise . Apple has steered its wearable in this direction with features such as the fall detector, ECG and monitoring, and it’s not doing badly.

At AppleThe iPhone X is one of the 25 best inventions of 2017, according to TIME

Finally, we have the AirPods . When Apple launched them at the end of 2016 it was not at all common to find Bluetooth headsets without any cable. Most wireless models had one that attached each headset behind the head. AirPods have become, like the Apple Watch, another everyday device in the lives of millions of people. An accessory that has become an icon and starred in many of the Internet’s memes for an era.

Google Chromecast, Amazon Echo and Tesla Model S are also listed

Other devices that have marked the decade, and that are not from Apple, belong to Amazon, Google or Tesla. For example, the Google Chromecast , the product that allows you to send content to televisions and monitors from a variety of sources, or the Amazon Echo smart speakers with Alexa .

In the list we also find the Tesla Model S , vehicle launched in 2012 and that helped to popularize Elon Musk’s signature. Or the Raspberry Pi , small computer that allows to create a multimedia center, arcade or automate our home. Among the most recent ones we have the Nintendo Switch , the hybrid between a desktop and a portable video console.


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