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This year the App Store could have more benefits than the film industry

The App Store has become a very profitable business, so much so that it could surpass the film industry this year. So says analyst Horace Dediu.

Apple makes quite a lot of money thanks to the app store, only on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, the Apple Store made some record revenues .

This year the App Store could have more benefits than the film industryThis year the App Store could have more benefits than the film industry

Californians receive a commission of 30% for each payment application downloaded, lowering the percentage to 15% on subscriptions. This is a pretty significant recurring income.

The App Store has become a very important source of income for both Apple and the developers themselves, where they have seen the opportunity to create spectacular apps and be able to live off of it in many cases.

The App Store has been with us since 2008, with the last major renovation in 2017. A design very similar to Apple Music and content that is updated daily with recommendations and interviews to develop, make downloads even more motivated.

Currently, some 500 million users visit the app store every week, a dizzying number, where last year alone, there were movements worth 180 billion dollars.

Apple having less downloads than Google Play, gets a lot more benefits. Specifically, in the year 2017, developers got more than $26.5 billion , exceeding the final value of the previous year. For this reason, many developers and companies prefer to publish their applications on the App Store.

Services such as iCloud or Apple Music are other sources of income for Californians. Although Apple Music is a good service, Spotify continues to gain ground thanks to its subscription options, offering a free mode in exchange for advertising.

What there is no doubt about is the profitability of the App Store , where it continues to grow every year with spectacular benefits for both Apple and developers.