this would be the new iOS 13 volume indicator

We are just hours away from the start of Apple’s WWDC 19 and we are all looking forward to the many new features that will come with the company’s new operating systems. We have already told you everything we expect to see in iOS 13, watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15, but we are sure we will have more surprises this afternoon.

Surely iOS 13 will be the central axis of the keynote and the one that takes more minutes, is the most important operating system of Apple at the moment. We are expecting great news and one of them could have been leaked within a few hours of being officially presented. It’s the new volume indicator that will replace the current HUD so hated by all.

this would be the new iOS 13 volume indicator
this would be the new iOS 13 volume indicator

The current iOS volume indicator, the one that appears in the middle of the screen every time you turn the volume up or down, has not changed for many years. It is one of those elements that currently doesn’t make sense as it hides a large part of the screen.

We know that Apple can do better and one of the first rumors that appeared about iOS 13 indicated that Apple was going to modify this indicator. We didn’t know exactly how this would happen, but now Ben Geskin has published a filtered photo of iOS 13 showing the new indicator .

However, as he indicates, this is a very early version of iOS 13 released in early March for internal development so everything could change. Furthermore, since 9to5mac they think that this indicator will be somewhat smaller and will be located on the other side of the screen , next to the volume buttons.

Geskin himself has made a couple of concepts that show the two possible variants:

We don’t know exactly how the new volume indicator in iOS 13 will end up being, but it is quite clear that it will finally change and stop occupying the center of the screen.

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