This would be the Lightning Adapter for iPhone 7 EarPods

Apple registró la marca “AirPods” a principios de año

¿Lanzará Apple un adaptador para sus EarPods con el iPhone 7?

EarPods Bluetooth, EarPods Lightning, o un adaptador Lightning para EarPods , esa es la cuestión. Apple podría haber planeado el desarrollo y manufacturación de cualquiera de estas tres opciones.

This would be the Lightning Adapter for iPhone 7 EarPods
This would be the Lightning Adapter for iPhone 7 EarPods

La más plausible, quizás, y la más cómoda para los usuarios de iPhone 7 (en nuestra humilde opinión) sería la opción de los EarPods Bluetooth. Sin embargo, con Apple todo podría ocurrir. ¿Qué pensáis vosotros
A couple of weeks ago a new leak appeared on the scene about some EarPods Lightning. Shortly after, a Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter leaked, however both leaks appeared to be fake.

Today a new video was leaked from a Lightning Adapter for EarPods , and this time its design does fit in nicely with the accessories manufactured by Apple.

Is this a new Lightning adapter for iPhone 7 EarPods?

Photos of the Lightning adapter for EarPods

The collection of the filtered photos on the supposed Lightning to 3.5mm connector shows an accessory of about 10 centimeters and white that would allow users to connect the EarPods to the iPhone and iPad via USB Lightning.

The filtration of this adapter has been obtained (through Tinhte) from the manufacturing industry facility Foxconn , in Vietnam, and it is a supplier company of Apple so we could be looking at a 100% real filtration.

Video of the Lightning adapter for EarPods

As you can see in the video, the cable of the EarPods’ Lightning adapter is very short, just enough to make iPhone 7 users feel as little discomfort as possible.

On the other hand, as we previously mentioned, the filtered Lightning adapter for EarPods in video is very similar to the current adapters sold on Cupertino’s company website and on the Apple Store.

Actual filtration or third party accessory?

When the Lightning adapter for the 3.5 mm jack of the EarPods for iPhone 7 is connected to a device with iOS 9 (or earlier versions) an incompatibility message appears on the device’s display.

However, when connected to the iOS 10 beta the accessory seems to work correctly and without any problems. And this could be a very interesting clue about the veracity of the filtering of the Lightning adapter for EarPods.

Despite this, the adapter shown in the photos and in the video well could belong to an iPhone and iPad accessory company. The adapter matches perfectly with the design of Apple products, and it is able to work with a good amount of headphones (see video), but at the moment we cannot confirm or deny anything.

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