This would be an iPhone with the camera inside the screen

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When a smartphone manufacturer creates a device with an “innovative” design, the trend is to copy it. Apple was not the first to develop a terminal with notch , but did popularize the format . Virtually every brand of Android mobile phone came out with a model with the screen split at the top.

This would be an iPhone with the camera inside the screen
This would be an iPhone with the camera inside the screen

There are two opinions for the next iPhone of this 2019: or Apple gets rid of the notch and bets on a breakthrough design or repeats aesthetics but with a smaller and more stylized notch . Until we are in the middle of the year, when leaks will start to appear, we will not know where the shots will go. But we do know what the trend will be for Android phone manufacturers.

This year, the fashion is clear: holes in the screen . These holes will be used to introduce items such as the camera, LED flash or speakers. Samsung, which has never been much of a follower of the herd, is going to leave the original behind and join this movement. At least that’s what the supposedly filtered Galaxy S10 with an infinite screen and a nice hole in the top right of the panel shows.

We are almost certain that Apple will choose not to follow this path and trust its intuition. But, what would an iPhone with holes in the screen look like? We don’t have to imagine it, because a concept has already appeared that shows us.

The designer Ben Geskin shared in his personal Twitter account an image of his latest concept. In it you can see what seems to be an iPhone X, but with a peculiarity: it has no notch. Instead, in the upper left corner, there is a black oval that would “hide” the camera or a possible double camera inside.

The truth is that it is strange to see an iPhone without notch or bezels. It’s something we’re not used to but that we’ll end up seeing one day.

What will the iPhone of 2019 look like?

Although it has been a couple of months since the iPhone XS was released, there is already speculation about what the 2019 model will look like. It is thought that it will have a notch smaller, on-screen Touch ID and USB-C instead of Lightning . The latter is the most credible, as the latest iPad Pro already has it.


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