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This will be the price if you lose an Airpod (or both)

Los mejores auriculares por menos de 300 euros

Por otro lado, esto nos plantea la pregunta de cómo gestionará esto Apple, ya que puede haber más de un usuario avispado que haya echado cuentas y que haya visto que comprarlos por separado sale más económico que comprarlos juntos. Sin embargo, Apple no se caracteriza por dar duros a pesetas, y presumiblemente esta opción solo esté disponible para aquellos que cuenten con la factura de compra del par original de AirPods, aunque siempre puede haber algunas fisuras que permitan que más de uno de ahorre un dinerito.

This will be the price if you lose an Airpod (or both)
This will be the price if you lose an Airpod (or both)

¿Qué piensas de esta estrategia de Apple? ¿Habías comprado ya los AirPods y no te han llegado? Déjanos tu experiencia y opinión en los comentarios.

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The Airpods are being very controversial, because only yesterday we knew that they would take six weeks to be sent, after Apple itself released them in style for the Christmas campaign. However, Apple has once again made a very interesting decision to sell AirPods separately for those who are confused. The price? You probably wouldn’t expect it.

They have not yet reached our homes, but we must admit that they have aroused great interest. Even more interest if we take into account that although they left on Tuesday 13th to the Apple Store, their arrival will be delayed for six weeks , which makes us even more eager to get our hands on them.

To increase this hype , Apple has revealed another new secret about these headphones, and that is that at their presentation they were heavily criticized for the possibility of losing them and having to pay the 179 euros it would cost us to replace them. For this reason, Cupertino’s people have decided that will offer us the option of acquiring a new AirPod – yes, just one – for considerably less than it would cost us to acquire both: only 69 euros.

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