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This week you can’t miss rymdkapsel, the indie of the year



A petición de uno de nuestros lectores hoy destacamos PanzerWars, un juego de guerra y estrategia. La primera vez que lo ves salta la vista claramente su parecido a Risk, el clásico juego de estrategia de sobremesa. El objetivo de los dos juegos es el mismo: ganar al contrario y conquistar a Europa a través de la mejor estrategia.

This week you can’t miss rymdkapsel, the indie of the year
This week you can’t miss rymdkapsel, the indie of the year

PanzerWars está emplazado en el siglo XX y estás al cargo de la economía y de todo el aparato militar. No es un juego que sobresalga por su calidad gráfica ni mucho menos, pero el tener que pensar una estrategia, gestionar los recursos, y sin más, tener un Risk en tu iOS hacen que valga la pena por el módico precio de 0 euros. Eso si, como todos los freemiums , si quieres avanzar más rápido tendrás que pasar por caja.

Lo bueno es que tiene modo multijugador online con chat integrado, con la posibilidad de jugar hasta tres partidas a la vez, con un ranking global y con 101 provincias europeas a conquistar. Este juego es un ¿y por qué no probar?

Precio: gratis

Actualizaciones: Badland y Real Racing 3

We also went through PanzerWars at the request of one of our readers, as well as reviewing updates to Badland and Real Racing.

Today Applesupportphonenumber’s weekly game section is loaded with many new and interesting games, so we started without further ado.


I find it an incredible game. I think it’s incredible that I’ve thought about everything that’s involved in the game, all the parameters, and that I’ve been able to put it all together in one application, by the way not only available for iOS, but also for Android and PS Mobile. It’s really nothing radically complicated, but it’s original, especially the execution.

You are in command of a space station: you will have to organize and plan the expansion of the station, manage the resources to explore the galaxy and avoid the enemies. In simple terms you could say that it has touches of defending the tower, plus some of the gameplay below, but with a vectorial and colourful appearance that jumps out at you.

We will have to create different modules, each one destined to a specific task. The miners will be in charge of executing the work – making energy, food, building, research and defense – and we will be able to manage them as we please, to finally eliminate any threat. It integrates with Game Center’s achievements, and has 15 minutes of original soundtrack. Undoubtedly another of the independent games of the year, and you must have it. Although I warn you, be patient to find out how it goes and how it works.

I’ve already played several games and I find them all hilarious, as you have several goals and always come close to achieving them. In spite of that I miss another game mode or more variables that make the game just as fun after several games.

Price: 3.59 euros

App Store>
App Store

These two great games received an update this week. Badland on the one hand celebrates over 7 million players online with 4 new levels for multiplayer and other improvements. On the other hand, Real Racing 3, the biggest driving game for iOS at the moment, has received an interesting update.

Specifically, it is the American Muscle upgrade that brings the big Dodge or Shelby V8s straight from Detroit. Unbelievable. Also as usual, new events have been added and some bugs have been fixed , also improvements have been made in the physics of driving and in the visual section. Open the updates tab in the App Store to find these two updates.

Bonus: 2K Drive

As you may have noticed above, I have written the biggest driving game of the moment referring to Real Racing, because the 2K’s have been stepping on it very hard. Currently 2K is making high quality iOS games, you just need to see the XCOM: Enemy Unkown.

Just watch the development video they released this week: we see challenges, news from several magazines and websites, skill mini-games and many cars, such as Ford GT, 67′ Camaro, Fiat 500 and many more. Everything you see in the video runs on an iPad 4, so we can get ready. It’s said to be ready for this fall.

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