This video shows the 3 new iPhones we could see in September

A new video comes out with three models of the new iPhone that Apple could present in a few weeks. The models are a faithful reflection of the rumors that have been (supposedly) leaked throughout these months.

Three models with a similar design to the iPhone X but with different sized screens, one of them with an LCD screen and a single rear lens. Of course, this is not an official video nor is it taken from a source that can give veracity to what is shown in this video.

This video shows the 3 new iPhones we could see in September
This video shows the 3 new iPhones we could see in September

The truth is that following Apple’s trail by prolonging the designs as long as possible, the information of some suppliers, of the own betas of iOS 12 or even the supposed filtered images – of which we have become eco-friendly, we could be in front of the first images of what really Apple could have prepared for this new generation of terminals.

In the video we can see the continuation of the current iPhone X , a Plus model of 6,5″ and another with a 6,1″ LCD screen. All three have several similarities, such as the front with an all-screen design or the characteristic notch which houses the facial recognition Face ID .

The back would also be similar for all three models, one glass back that would allow wireless charging, which is not surprising after Tim Cook’s own statements that they wanted a world without wires. All three models also lack a headphone input , as is still the case with the iPhone 7 output.

But we do find something different in one of them, namely in the iPhone with 6.1″ LCD screen , the non-incorporation of the dual camera. This detail has been rumoured for some time, something that we only saw in Apple’s no Plus models and which could help to lower the manufacturing costs , affecting the final price for consumers.

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What do you think of these three iPhones? Do you think these are really the models we will see in a few weeks? Which one would you prefer?

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